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Q1: 1976-1999

2023-03-27 The Mojo Wire – Seaside Hamlet Skids & My Band Rocks: Episode 3, both on Bandcamp.
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2023-03-13 The Mojo Wire – Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor & My Band Rocks: Episode 2, both on Bandcamp.
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2023-01-16 (no links)
2023-01-09 (no links)

Original post from 1/3/23:

TL;DR: a new Instagram series from Keir! Oh boy! Oh no!

This might sound shocking, but I like to show off my creativity. I put my art and design work on the walls everywhere I live or work or spend time.

It may also seem self-centered (and it is!), but it’s a good reminder to myself that I’ve Done This Before. That I can create, that I can make compelling art (or music, or design, or whatever), that I can Do Big Things.

It’s important, especially during a creative block, or a lucrative but boring paying project or, like now, a long stretch of job rejections and zero freelance work at all, when it feels like I’ve blown up my entire creative career.

So I’m putting stuff on the wall in 2023. Specifically, an “autobiography of creativity” to keep myself accountable in public, so I’m not just griping about the design biz or creative fads or baseball or music or whatever’s convulsing the cesspit of social media these days.

As threatened, then, here comes “Canon Fodder,” a weekly autobiographical continuum of creativity by Yours Truly. Big blips from way back in the 20th century up until now, posted on Mondays, so I can fend off the Sunday Scaries.

It’ll blast through 2 decades in 3 months (then 2 more in 9), it’ll probably have too much band stuff and not enough agency work, it’ll have gaping holes, glaring errors and very tenuous connections to conventional ideas of “creativity.”

I hate Instagram and everything about it, but for better and worse all my friends’ and family’s eyeballs are there, and if they’re still following after all my ridiculous oversharing from 2011-2021…well…they’ll get to strap in for more (or head for the hills).

Compiling this series (which I did in November 2022) has reminded me that my creativity has always been valuable (even when it’s bad, I learn lessons!), and far broader than my 18-year pro design résumé would indicate.

It’ll be messy and embarrassing and occasionally good—but it was fun and compelling for me to make, so it won’t be bullshit for viewers. I’ll be back next week to kick it off—at a private account, sure, but it’ll probably show up here eventually. As always, thanks for the indulgence.