Map illustrations for postcards and online content promoting the so-called “Lagoon District,” an unfortunately ill-fated Santa Barbara neighborhood commercial association that (probably justifiably) failed to gain traction with area business owners.

However, that minor dust-up had little to do with the quality of my own work—two map illustrations and print layouts—so I still highlight it as an example of what I can do for neighborhood associations with more legitimate projects.

The map kept things simple, using a vector Santa Barbara street map showing the east side blocks as a backdrop, with only the freeway and four streets labeled that bound the eight-by-three-block neighborhood. Visual identity utilized the Lagoon District’s existing typography and color palette.

Another card sported photo montages of snapshots taken around the neighborhood, with a smaller map on the reverse side—itself a version of a third map that zoomed in on the neighborhood, using logos of participating businesses to highlight association membership.


Print: Two 6″x9″ full-color postcards with maps, photos, and membership information.

Digital: PDF postcards and website image assets for

Lagoon District Neighborhood Map Illustration

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