Quickie post for a quickie job just completed: two identities for Good Jobs First. The good-governance watchdog organization needed branding for two of their three database trackers. Their “Violation Tracker” was already set, and my task was to emulate that for both the “Subsidy Tracker” and “Tax Break Tracker” databases.

I developed three for each, building off the established look for “Violation Tracker”—a simple, almost clip-arty vibe, but with a few semi-subtle touches to take them both a cut or three above bog-standard Vecteezyness. The final “Subsidy” choice sported a magnifying glass that spotted the hidden $, and the final “Tax Break” cracked open on cold hard currency.

Both designs ended up with multiple combinations of their color palettes, and both are slated to debut on Good Jobs First’s new website when that launches. It had been a few years since I’d done a logo job—the Keirtography logo on this site only took a few hours, an exception to every design rule I’d ever sworn by—but with the client’s quick approval and easy professionalism these two flew by.

Update 3/2/22: With the quickie Amazon Tracker logo I just finished—there are now four, three of which are mine:

Update 7/15/22: The site’s now live and my logos are front and center: https://goodjobsfirst.org