Election Day 2018 is Tuesday, November 6. Don’t forget to vote! Every vote counts in local elections, so don’t waste what so many have sacrificed to give you. I created “Someone Bled So You Could Vote” and “Vote Local. Make it Matter.” for the 2016 AIGA/League of Women Voters #AIGAVote awareness campaign to increase voter registration & turnout.

My posters ended up alongside hundreds of other designs from AIGA members nationwide, in exhibitions like AIGA Cleveland’s & AIGA Philadelphia’s (corresponding to the summer GOP & Dem conventions), the October AIGA Design Conference in Las Vegas, and campaigns like AIGA Oklahoma’s wheatpasting and the LWV TX social media feed.

Exhibition pix via AIGA Philly, AIGA Cleveland, AIGA Oklahoma, and AIGA National. Tweet via League of Women Voters.