Five years into serious biking for exercise, zipping around Ventura finally became boring, so for variety this year I started driving to nearby locations and racking up around 20 miles in each place. It went like this:

5/6 Ventura
Wasn’t intending to go 30 miles today but halfway through I felt like exploring. Cañada Larga did not disappoint.

5/27 Goleta
Camper Van Beethoven once sang “Don’t You Go to Goleta,” but today I did, for a #KeirByBike road trip of over 20 miles. Should’ve done this years ago.

6/16 Camarillo
Latest #TourDuBois2018 location is agri-burban Camarillo & CSUCI, for a 20+ mile gloomy June ride through farm fields, subdivisions, and strip malls.

6/23 Thousand Oaks
Windy, difficult ride through the suburban hills & valleys of Thousand Oaks today. Couldn’t quite make it to the 20-mile mark, but I’ll take what I can get.

8/11 Malibu
Malibu, you’re devastatingly gorgeous, but you’re also a high-stress rollercoaster ride. I definitely earned a burrito today.

8/18 Santa Barbara
Biked 21+ miles in Santa Barbara today for #TourDuBois2018, from Coast Village to Hope Ranch and back. Went via East Beach and Arroyo Burro Beach, plus up and down the Mesa a few times for good measure. 10/10, would ride again.

9/1 Simi Valley
Waited til the summer heat died down to bike Simi Valley for #TourDuBois2018. I was rewarded with a hazy, windswept 20+ miles down Arroyo Simi, skirting the Santa Susana mountains before taking a long straightaway back across town.

9/7 Fillmore
Found the summer heat on a 21-mile ride from Fillmore to Piru and back for #TourDuBois2018. Heavy headwind on return helped keep me cool. Had to do a big one today & did it.

9/23 Newbury Park
Biked 19 miles worth of Newbury Park, the southwest side of Thousand Oaks, for #TourDuBois2018 today. Very suburban but also plenty of open space, including state/national park trails that my tires wouldn’t last 5 minutes on, so I stuck to the roads.

10/6 Moorpark
Colors were out on today’s ride through the Santa Rosa Valley, a wedge of ag/ranch land between Moorpark and Camarillo.

10/13 Lompoc
Lompoc, you had me at “bike map,” but the Surf Beach train station was just above and beyond.

10/27 Dana Point
22 miles worth of hometown hijinks for #TourDuBois2018 today in Dana Point, adding a fourth SoCal county to the #KeirByBike map. Early morning fog didn’t quite burn off for a stellar harbor pic, but it did for little league and high school winter ball fields.

11/17 Rincon
Needed to rack up some easy #KeirByBike miles for November after several days off, so I drove to the west end of town and then did a round trip Rincon ride for #TourDuBois2018. Figured Big Red needed to see its namesake again after two years.

11/24 Santa Clarita
Returned to LA County today for a blustery 26-mile late-fall ride through the exurban hills and valleys of Santa Clarita. Despite the city’s 12-lane parkways and umpteen big-box malls, it is as bike-friendly a place as you’ll ever find, thanks to the extensive riverbed trail. Bonus: got to draw a janky bird on the map.

12/18 Ojai
Played hooky this afternoon for a 22 mile ride around the Ojai Valley, about as close to Middle Earth as you’ll get in Ventura County.