This piece is a somewhat claustrophobic infomap attempting to show all of our local AIGA chapter’s design-related events from 2006-2018 (after which AIGA SB became AIGA Central Coast) in the California Central Coast region.

I first created the map in Spring 2014 for that year’s AIGA National Leadership Retreat in Denver, then revised it at year’s end as a sponsorship thank-you/fundraiser before I began my two terms as chapter president (2015-2019).

When I stepped down I thought I’d update the poster to reflect what we did on my watch, but it proved too crowded (and I was exhausted) so I never printed a finished version. The closest I got was a notecard version of Ventura County for an April 2018 mixer.

I still really like this piece despite its flaws—I even hung one up at home—because it was a supremely validating way to remind myself that 7 years of volunteering on behalf of our local creative community was worth it.