Want to work with me? Let’s do it!


I accept commisions per project based on my current schedule. What you’ll get from me is a digital copy of your map, suitable for print or pixel. To find out if I’m the right person for your project, please read on (I tried to keep it short, I promise).

You’ll see what I do (or what I don’t), what I charge, and how we’ll work together. If it all looks like a good match for what you need, contact me via the email button at the bottom of the page.

What I Do (and Don’t)

I’m a map artist, making custom, unique imagery for print or pixel, usually delivered as a PDF. I specialize in maps for publications, locations, and worldbuilding. I also make my own map visual art projects. Check out my portfolio for a few examples of each!

I don’t make special gifts or novelty maps (I’m not an Etsy store). I don’t do “real” cartography (I’m not skilled with GIS software). I don’t do hand-drawn images (I’m not a trained illustrator). I don’t make zoning or property maps. I don’t print anything.

What I Charge

I charge by project, not by hour. My maps start at $1500 per project, and go from there based on the project’s details. Exceptions are very rare. I usually work with corporate-level budgets, but if your ceiling is lower, let me know and I’ll consider what I can do within that.

For reference, here’s a $1500 project. Here’s a “less than $1500 per map” project (two maps with similar base assets). Here’s another “less than $1500 per map” example (three different maps with similar styles, working files included).

How I Work

I work from a signed contract, I require half the project cost before starting, and I’ll invoice (by net-30) the balance upon completing the project. For a $1500 project that means I’ll need $750 before starting, and $750 when the job’s done, due 30 days from invoice date.

If a project requires images or copy, I’ll need that before beginning. If I need to buy stock assets (images, fonts, etc.), I fold that cost into the total project cost. All of my work is done in Adobe software.

The contract includes everything, and stated clearly: cost, timeline, scope, and any other relevant details. All my contracts include at least one round of substantial changes. Any work beyond that can be negotiated separately.

What I Really Don’t Do

Since my time and experience is valuable, I don’t do spec work or enter contests. I don’t fill out request-for-proposals or release project working files unless I’m compensated. I don’t do secret projects or sign permanent NDAs (I like to show off my work!).

I don’t make NFTs, I don’t use “AI art” for professional work, and I don’t work with clients or companies who don’t align with my personal values (life’s too short to work for anyone without mutual respect, right?). I reserve the right to ignore or decline any projects for undisclosed reasons.

Anything Else?

In case all this was a bit much, or if you have any questions, please ask me anything to clarify! I knew writing this wouldn’t be that brief, but I’ve probably forgotten something critical to someone. Use the email link below. Thanks for reading all the way to the end!