“Hello my name is Keir, this is my gazetteer.” Posted for the third time, and ideally for good: quickie mockups of my fantasy atlas cover and inner pages. This book will collect many of the fantasy maps I created and refined during the past 3-ish years, based on designs I started about 30 years ago as a teenager.

I’ve deleted previous updates about this thing because of inevitable project creep—first it was a D&D campaign sourcebook, then a maps-only atlas, and now a maps-plus-vignettes gazetteer—because passion projects are like that. Hopefully third time’s the charm and this one will stay posted for a bit.

So consider this as formal of an announcement as can be for an open-ended hobby-thing with a nebulous deadline: this first (?) volume of my fantasy gazetteer will see release in…let’s say Fall 2022? Perhaps self-published in a print-on-demand way? Maybe.

But I will put it out at some point, because what better way to mentally combat not only the real world’s myriad large-scale insanities, but also my own personal real-world freelance design feast-or-famine follies and stumblebum job hunt, than by dreaming up amazing places and inviting people to come play in them?