Announcing the official release of my mandocello-powered “Lost Songs for Lost Singers” E.P., now on Bandcamp, and soon streaming everywhere! Stream or download all seven fantastical-folk songs for Bandcamp Friday here. They are: “Mark My Words,” “Hindsight,” “Time in the Sun,” “Equipoise,” “Hostage to Fortune,” “Exile’s End,” and “Under Heaven, Over Hell.” The original announcement is here, and a quick look at some of the maps included in the booklet is here.

These demos are my first new music since 2020. In that time I’ve been slowly learning to play my custom mandocello (made by Folkfriends of Hamburg) over the past three years, trying to write songs in new and different ways compared to what I did with bass guitar, and these tunes are the result. “Lost Songs” took six months to make, and like all my older recordings these are definitely amateur and more an accomplishment of careful editing (in n-Track Studio 9) than actual performance.

Even so, it’s always fun to make something that feels like creative growth after almost three decades of making music as a hobby, and especially by blending my other hobbies: maps, album art design, role-playing, and storytelling. I could get into how much my beloved D&D bard character (the titular “Lost Singer”) is involved with all this, but the songs are perfectly enjoyable without knowing any of that, so he’ll be another story for another day. Thanks for listening and may you all be happy and well.