Quick post to note that, with this past week’s jaunt to Kansas City, the DuBois Baseball Tour is back up and running again. I added the KC card to the original post, but it feels irresponsible to not include cards for our mini-tour of SoCal parks in the immediate post-quarantine era, as well as these Padre fans’ yearly trips to Petco Park during the current Seidler-Melvin era Padre resurgence.

So this one will be a repository for everything we’ve done or will do since slurping down watery soft-serve at Chavez Ravine in May 2021. More than likely that also means stops at Spring Training, which (amazingly) we’ve not yet done. The bulletin-board USA image will be updated with each new location, including 2023, when our goal is to score a brown-and-gold SD pin to replace the blue-and-sand one from 2008.

As of 4/9/23, the cards are the seven shown below, but as we do more, I’ll add them: