Yep, 4 months after the PDF, there’s now a print-on-demand version of THE NUA GAZETTEER, VOLUME 1. And because I hate reels, never watch them, and will never make them, here’s a slideshow with some quickie clips about what the book is, who it’s for, and what’s in it. Swipe to see all the clips.

TL;DR – THE NUA GAZETTEER is a new original setting for games and stories. It’s an atlas, not a rulebook or sourcebook, so it’s mostly maps, but game masters, players, and authors—or anyone who loves lore galore—will enjoy digging into this to begin exploring the world of Nua via one of its regions, Aviridia. These ain’t your bog-standard hand-drawn hobbit maps, folks.

Chapter 1 sets the stage, Chapter 2 gives the background, Chapter 3 describes these five countries in detail, Chapter 4 glances at the wider world beyond, and Chapter 5 packs all the trivia you’ll ever need into an appendix.

This thing was 30 years in the making, with 3 of those for composition and cartography, and 1 for design/layout. It’s IMMENSELY satisfying to hold it in hand. It’s maybe not for everyone, but if it sounds like your thing, then get one at this link.

Some stray observations that may or may not have been tweeted:

When you make an atlas full of maps that don’t look like anyone else’s maps, it’s good to design a book cover that doesn’t look like anyone else’s cover. So it’s good to be a designer who’s done plenty of publication design & layout. I really liked being my own one-stop shop. It’s good to put the ol’ English BA to use as well with writing and editing. Feels good to do this without, like, Kickstarter or Ko-Fi or any of that stuff. Maybe that’s not how TTRPG books are supposed to be done, but that’s how I did it.