Hello, design and journalism educators!

Ever invited a guest speaker to your class who didn’t click with your students? Who couldn’t empathize with their hopes and fears? When I was a student, those speakers frustrated me.

I can engage with and inspire your students.

I speak at colleges and universities about professional creativity and publication layout. I coach design students and emerging creatives about their career goals.

You know your students.

They don’t want to be hypnotized or patronized, and you don’t want wasted class time. Do them a favor and book someone who will boost their confidence and allay their fears.

Book me.

Available Presentations

These are the talks I’m currently booking. I’ll be adding at least one more, so check back soon!

The Five Ws of Getting A Design Job
Navigating Professional Creativity

Job-seeking is a full-time job, right? Don’t panic! Working as a creative pro is all about intention—making thoughtful decisions about achievable goals. I’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask yourself before assembling your portfolio, seeking references, or applying for any ol’ position you see labeled “design” or “creativity.” 

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define your initial career goals, based on needs, capabilities, and interests
  • Plan the steps you’ll take to achieve those goals, setting a realistic timeline
  • Improvise and adjust if you need to change course or ask for help
“Keir presented ‘The Five Ws of Getting a Design Job’ to my Foundations of Interactive Design students, which was a great introduction of what it’s like working freelance, in-house, or at an agency. Keir also participated in that session’s portfolio website mockup review, so the class got a substantial and meaningful introduction to a real-world seasoned design professional.”

Samantha Barnes
Adjunct Professor, Interactive Design
Tulane University – School of Professional Advancement

Design for Storytelling
Creating Reader-Friendly Publication Layouts

Good design is accessible design. For publications both print and pixel, that means legibility and quick comprehension—all to serve the story you want to convey. 

I’ll cover the essentials in about 30 minutes (and as much Q&A as needed!): 

  • Design systems and information hierarchy
  • Type, color, photography, and iconography
  • The ethics to power it all

Hot tip: This talk is useful for writers AND designers—because both should work together to make the story compelling!

“Keir spoke to my Journalism Department seniors and they loved it! ‘Design for Storytelling’ helped them understand that design choices are story choices, reinforcing their page design and visual communication work. Keir outlined best practices for color choices, iconography and layout in ways they could apply directly to both their in-class data visualization projects and their future careers.”

Gretchen Macchiarella
Assistant professor in Digital Media
and Emerging Journalistic Practices,
California State University, Northridge

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Topics on which I can speak at length include:

  • Building and presenting your portfolio
  • Working with clients
  • Map design

Topics on which I can speak at length, but which you’d probably like me to avoid, include:

  • Major League Baseball
  • American politics
  • U2

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