Fictional map illustration for sci-fi/fantasy novelist Lee S. Hannon‘s forthcoming 2022 title Coligo, first part of a planned trilogy of speculative science fiction books called the Unitas series. The story explores the moral implications of biotech and time travel via diverse characters within a dystopian society.

My task was to create a map art piece of the novel’s setting, “The City,” that conveyed the story’s overall vibe without necessarily being geographically accurate. The author required a grayscale version for print publication and a full-color one for online promotion.

I ran with the novel’s conceptions of biotech and artificial intelligence and produced a cross between a transit map and a “city as circuit board” illustration, focusing on the plot’s points of interest and excluding anything else. The color reflects electronic circuitry and the type alludes to vintage sci-fi titles.


Print: Grayscale version for publication

Digital: Full-color version for online promotion

Update 6/27/22: The Boston sci-fi map also now appears in COLIGO’s sequel—a novel called UNITAS—both inside and on the jacket. Apparently it’s a hit on TikTok too.

Update 12/3/22: Very pleased to receive my copies of the novel REVIRESCO and novella COGNATIO, both of which also contain the circuit-board map design of sci-fi Boston—on the inside (in gray) and back cover (in color). Congrats once again to author Lee S. Hannon on the trilogy’s completion and release! I’m so glad I could help world-build the UNITAS series, and I’m thrilled that my map designs were a hit with both author and readers.

Coligo Novel Map Illustration

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