Custom fantasy map illustration for print and pixel using several styles, thef first two of which I do frequently (as differentiating specialties), and the last two much less so (since they’re much more common):

Found-Texture is my own unique aesthetic for overworld maps at several scales: global/continental, regional, national, provincial, and municipal scales. Flat/Vector is applying simpler wayfinding or publication aesthetics for maps showing political units, language distribution, or historical events like battles.

Traditional is my term for the hand-drawn maps so overwhelmingly popular among fantasy fans. I don’t prefer this style, but have used it occasionally for in-world “historical” maps. Grid or hex-based aesthetics are for turn-based combat or location-based exploration maps of table-top role-playing games.

I came up with the found-texture style when attempting to create something unique for my own “Nua” table-top role-playing campaign setting, using a similar process to what I did for the Homeworlds and Found Islands map-art projects. While often a laborious Photoshop-based process, the results speak for themselves—and lent themselves to not only other styles but also other ongoing projects.

I applied this style to my own Game Board Poster and (along with a few flat/vector maps and one traditional map) Nua Gazetteer projects, as well as my brother’s “Aeos” campaign setting (as map image assets and a second poster).

Once I’d finished the initial found-texture maps, I was free to world-build cultures and nations, further refine details like latitude and longitude in conjunction with free apps like NASA’s G-Projector, and zoom in on specific locations to create grid- or hex-based maps as needed for my own game’s plot.


Print: High-resolution, full-color map image assets for 8.5×11 publications in saddle-stitched or perfect-bound books as well as poster-sized wall art.

Digital: Multi-purpose screen-resolution images at various dimensions for use individually or in PDF-formatted publications.

Custom Fantasy Map Illustration


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