Custom fantasy map illustration using my own found texture style, for my own “Nua” tabletop role-playing campaign. I attempted to create an original style for the fantasy map genre, independent of the more-common Tolkienesque and treasure-map styles. My found-texture approach begun during “Homeworlds” continued into this project, and ballooned during 2020’s quarantine. I used the same found-texture idea to enhance and expand my brother’s “Spiral” campaign, which in turn inspired him to spin up scores of granular, location-based story details for future adventures.

While often a laborious Photoshop-based process, the results speak for themselves—and lent themselves to not only other styles but also other ongoing projects. Once I’d finished the initial physical-map phase, I was free to world-build cultures and nations, further refine details like latitude and longitude in conjunction with free apps like NASA’s G-Projector, and zoom in on specific locations to create detailed city maps, combat maps, or (inevitably) stylized traditional fantasy maps to suit my game’s plot.


Print: 8.5×11 & 11×17-ready high-resolution images.

Digital: Multi-purpose screen-resolution images.

Custom Fantasy Map Illustration


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