Editorial map illustration for designExplorr‘s founder and creative director Jacinda Walker, to accompany her article “How Designers Can Impact Diversity in Design” as it appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of IDSA‘s Innovation Magazine. In her piece, Jacinda described how designers can directly impact diversity in design, independent of large, unwieldy corporations or nonprofits.

My task was to display the nationwide reach of individual designers and organizations doing this work in their local communities. I created a modular piece, organized by design discipline and organization type, that is editable and allows for growth each time a new individual, school, or business is added to the map. The color palette and typography match designExplorr’s visual brand identity.


Print:IDSA Winter 2020 “Education Interrupted” issue

Digital: PDF-friendly editable/modular version

designExplorr & IDSA Editorial Map Illustration

Editorial map illustration to accompany a designExplorr article in IDSA’s Innovation Magazine.


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