New portfolio piece that’s honestly much more than that, so PLEASE PARDON THE ALL CAPS BUT I DID ALL THE THINGS FOR THIS AND IT’S RELEASED IN THE WORLD NOW!

Yep, BIG NEWS: It’s Digital Release Day for “The Nua Gazetteer,” my self-published table-top-role-playing fantasy atlas! After two years of work & decades of worldbuilding before that, Volume 1 is out now on DriveThruRPG.

This gazetteer is a collection of fantasy maps (plus swordy/sorcery vignettes and histories) created & refined by me in 2020-2022 in my unique found texture style, based on designs I started ~30 years ago as a teenager.

I tackled everything for this passion project: worldbuilding, cartography, copywriting/editing, illustration, and design/layout. That’s not how it’s usually done, but that’s how I did it.

This isn’t an “all about me” project, though—this shows how I can help anyone who wants a tangible collection of their own fantasy worldbuilding, from individual TTRPG creators to big publishing or game studios. Maps for worldbuilding is my absolute jam.

Why buy it? Game Masters: get a ready-made, system-agnostic setting for your next session! Players: get more background for Nua characters than you’ll ever need! Authors: get inspired for your own work with a healthy “hell, I can do better than THAT” reaction (it worked for me)!

For TTRPG book-lovers, “The Nua Gazetteer, Volume 1” will see print-on-demand release soon (also via DriveThruRPG). For Nua explorers who want to jump in now, the high-res full-color PDF is ready for you to “make your mark without becoming a mark.”