Gonna mix it up some for this year’s recaps, what with the Partnership Podcast branching off for its own thing and the Ship’s Log taking a back seat after its heavy 2018.

“Keir By Bike” & “Tour DuBois” Data Visualization (by Keir, 1/6/19)
Bikes, maps, and design: because why be typecast for only one enthusiasm when you can go all-in and get typecast for three geekouts at once? I hit a personal trifecta with this passion project dataviz piece. These posters document a 2013 New Year’s resolution that stuck, namely biking for exercise, and how that’s progressed and evolved for the past 6 years.

5 Event Branding Trend Predictions for 2019 (by Julia, 1/28/19)
My clairvoyant co-captain on what we can expect to see, event branding-wise, in the coming year. Julia surveyed the current waves to make some extrapolations, but she also examined some brand-new factors that are still entering play (TL;DR: she got to talk about robots!).

Design for Designers: Creating AIGA Event Branding (by Keir, 3/9/19)
What do designers design when they design for designers? My quick survey on creating event branding that goes beyond the 5 Ws to get noticed and stoke enthusiasm.

“My Band Rocks” Reissues Album Artwork (by Keir, 5/24/19)
A cumulative passion project post about my album artwork redesigns 2017-2019 for Mojo Wire, Honey White, Low Tide, and Radblaster releases, dating back to 1997!