So it turns out that last October’s chat with Jericho Vinegar Works wasn’t just a one-off for Julia and I, as far as podcasting goes! We’ve done four more since then, and will probably irregularly continue this for as long as it remains fun & useful. Listen on Podbean, Apple, Soundcloud, or whatever your podcast hookup may be! The episodes were:

Episode 2: Shipbuilding, the Tight Ship Origin Story (2/23)
My illustrious co-captain and I mark two years at sea in mid-March, but celebrated early by taking a trip through our own backstories, cramming the wisdom of decades into mere minutes! 38 minutes to be exact. It’s all about our creative histories, collaborative philosophies, and forming our partnership.

Episode 3: Mark J. Ferrari, Prisma to Pixels to Publishing (3/27)
This one is chock-full of lifelong wisdom from artist, author, and innovator Mark J. Ferrari, who broke new ground in visual arts and digital imagery with Tor, Lucasfilm, ILM, and more. Mark took us on a rollercoaster tour of professional creative storytelling.

Episode 4: Hersick+Webster, Partnership By Design (4/10)
We spoke with designers/co-founders and spouses James Hersick and Laurel Webster of West Virginia-based Hersick+Webster about intentional creative entrepreneurship. We covered starting/managing a home studio, tackling expansive projects, using design leadership to make positive change, and keeping work (mostly) away from the dinner table.

Episode 5: The Label Collective, A Dynamic Design Duo (5/23)
Three years ago at the AIGA conference in Vegas, Kristin & Erin gave me a wonderfully encouraging pep talk for starting my creative business. We also had drinks & too much ice cream. Talking to them again for the podcast was delightful!