“The Weapon of Young Gods” Album Art & Book Design

The Project

Paperback cover design and 200+ page layout for my own self-published novel, plus CD album artwork for the instrumental soundtrack I wrote, recorded and released as a side project.

I’ve been designing publications for my entire professional career: magazines, brochures, style guides, sales collateral—you name it, I’ve made it. So when I revived an old book project to polish up and finish, it was easiest to just design it myself, cover and all.

I’d needed something unique to listen to while writing, and my band was on hiatus, so I got wrapped up in creating an ambient, instrumental, bass-heavy soundtrack—which, perhaps unsurprisingly, has aged much, much better than the novel that spawned it.

Writing has always been easy and fun for me, but in this case, I was definitely a better designer than novelist; the cover really is the best thing about the book!


ClientSelf-directedServicesIllustration, print design, art directionYear2008 & 2012Linkkeirdubois.bandcamp.com

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