New re-releases! Following up last year’s four Mojo Wire deluxe digital reissues, I’m re-releasing two more today: a “reimagined” edition of Honey White’s full-length studio album How Far is the Fall (2005) and Low Tide’s The Weapon of Young Gods (2008), the soundtrack album for my self-published novel. Both albums came packed with bonus tracks and other goodies. First up is my Low Tide side project The Weapon of Young Gods, produced as an instrumental soundtrack to my novel of the same name. The ambient, moody album turned 10 years old back in March 2018, and to belatedly celebrate, I’m putting out a special reissue featuring four bonus tracks and 20-page PDF booklet with photos, liner notes, an album history essay, and a PDF version of the accompanying novel (self-published in 2012). The album turned out to be way better than the book, but now you’ll be able to get both together!

Second, and final re-release of the day is Honey White’s How Far is the Fall album. This was HW’s studio debut, made in 14 days over 6 months in 2004 at San Fransisco’s Take Root studio. It was a great creative experience, producing refined existing tunes and strong new material that we took to the stage in clubs and theaters across four SoCal counties in 2005 and 2006. This 2018 special “reimagined” issue features a re-shuffled song sequence, five bonus tracks and two 44-page PDF booklets with band interviews, photos, liner notes, and a characteristically pompous album history mini-essay from me. Get everything on Bandcamp here.

See a brief recap of the entire reissue project here on the album art portfolio page.