Julia and I have racked up a big ol’ haul of blogworthiness on the Ship’s Log so far this year—both with the help of one special guest post on the Ship’s Log and two guest posts of our own at Eventbrite UK! Check ’em all out, linked below:

Tight Ship’s Valentines for Event Pros (by Julia, 1/30/18)
Mardi Gras Advisory for The Special Event (by Julia, 1/30/18)
Top Design Tips for your Event Page (by Keir at Eventbrite UK, 2/13/18)
18 Examples of Music Festival Branding Trends in 2018 (by Keir, 2/21/18)
Eyes on the Horizon: One Year at Sea with Tight Ship (by Keir, 3/13/18)
Intuitive, Ethical, and Exciting Event Tools From Collision 2018 (by Keir, 5/10/18)
Market Your Event with a Winning Press Release That Will Get Read (by Deepak Saini, 6/5/18)
Top Tips for Optimizing Your Instagram Profile (Julia at Eventbrite UK, 6/7/18)
How to Get Great Event Collateral Results from Print Vendors (by Keir, 6/15/18)