Keir DuBois - Freelance Design & Creative World-Building

December always puts me in a collect-and-compile mood, so maybe it’s a good thing that I waited til now to relaunch and flesh out a quick and dirty freelance portfolio site here at

It’s broken into three sections: mapstalks, and design—but it’s the latter I want to highlight here. The design page is organized first by major projects or career milestones, then by day-to-day, past-decade stuff that didn’t move mountains but was nevertheless just as rewarding, educational, or character-building, then finally (most importantly?) what I’ve done for myself over the past 16 years, for free, because I love it.

At least 1 huge milestone project is missing that I can’t (explicitly) show, but I’ll figure out a way around that eventually. So, subject to change, here’s me as a designer, 2004-2020 (& very much looking forward to 2021).