I’m currently wide open and available for freelance remote graphic design work, as well as creative coaching and speaking for emerging creative professionals. I’ve been a designer since 2004, mostly for publication layout and event branding, with substantial identity design experience.

I’m well-versed in design leadership, project management, and art direction—as part of an agency creative team, a nonprofit board, or as a freelancer. My favorite creativity is map illustration and music artwork. The selected portfolio pieces above aren’t exclusively that, but each represents a significant career milestone—some very recent, others going back more than a decade.

I’m not always about epic milestones, however. Sometimes the day-to-day work is just as rewarding, educational, or character-building. Some of my more recent projects (like those above, from within the past decade) may not have moved mountains (or in some cases, not yet), but I still learned from creating them, and they were fun and engaging to do.

Finally (and if I’m being honest, most importantly) is the work I do for myself. The work I’d do every day, for free, just because I love it. The work that has both been supremely inspiring during trying times, and also been deeply rooted in my life yet lately refined and polished to a professional standard. This work is why I do what I do.