Big news, everyone! Tonight was my final AIGA Santa Barbara board of directors meeting, and on 12/31 I’ll be leaving after 7 years (3 as Communications Director and 4 as President). Being part of AIGA SB literally changed my life—I gained a professional network of creative friends locally and nationally, I gained confidence to take control of my career as a designer, and I combined both to form my business partnership Tight Ship Design.

Running an AIGA chapter is a big deal, but I’m steering another ship now, and the chapter needs new leaders. I’m honored and thrilled to be succeeded as President by the amazing Charmaine Farber, our Education Director and Professor of Graphic Communication at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Charmaine has served on two other AIGA boards (Pittsburgh & Connecticut), specializes in organizational change, and will lead our chapter in its new incarnation as AIGA Central Coast. Thank you Charmaine!

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have reached this point without crucial support and collaboration from my VP Rachell Smith. Rachell joined the board when I became President and has helped me connect SB and Ventura to the SLO design community, which kept our small chapter alive through a wildly disruptive year. Furthermore, her strategic expertise put our chapter on the path to this transformation. Thank you Rachell!

I’ve always advised new chapter presidents to never envy other chapters’ circumstances or successes, but for almost two years I’ve envied my brilliant and talented AIGA presidential colleagues around the country as they finish their term, move on, and toast their brilliant and talented successors. Now I can finally do the same, thanks to these two exceptional people. I’m looking forward to supporting them as a member of AIGA Central Coast!