Most of my map illustrations are created as components for use in larger projects or campaigns. Occasionally I’ve helped create data-driven maps, but my main focus is illustration—in either print or digital settings—instead of cartography.

AIGA Cartogram of Chapters
Created to help promote AIGA’s 2015 Design Conference at the chapter level, this cartogram shows all 70 AIGA Chapters relative to membership size, with their expanded ID colors for social media. October 2015 (revised October 2016).

50+2 Project
I had a feeling 2016 would be a contentious and bizarre election year in America, so I combined my art and design skills with my love of maps to create and release something positive about this country. I believe it’s important to acknowledge and advocate for the value of art and design at a time when support for it in public schools is in peril. I also believe that geographic knowledge must be part of everyday education. The “50+2” project involved creating multi-media art pieces using vector maps and leftover paper stock, and then posting them to social media every week of 2016 for each U.S. state (and then some). It’s complete for now, but it may live on in some form, so stay tuned.

AIGA Santa Barbara Event History Map
Originally created as a poster for AIGA’s 2014 Leadership Retreat, this infographic of all AIGA Santa Barbara events from 2006-2014 was also later used in sponsorship materials and event signage. (April 2014, revised December 2014).

New Orleans Print History Tour Storymap
Created for AIGA New Orleans and NOLA DNA as part of the AIGA 2015 Design Conference, this is a combination of Mapbox Classic and StoryMapJS (October 2015). Live version here.

VSI Research Report Maps
VSI was an international nonprofit dedicated to improving women’s health in developing countries. They ended their mission successfully in 2015, but as account manager and lead designer I helped develop their brand for four years through consecutive campaigns both online and in print. I created simple regional and individual map illustrations for 7 African and Asian nations as part of VSI’s “Compendium of Operations Research” a report detailing the distribution of the life-saving drug misoprostol. I also created map infographics included in VSI’s 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 annual reports. Created for BBM&D, 2010-2013.

Lagoon District Neighborhood Map
Boundary map showing member businesses in Santa Barbara’s newest commercial association, the “Lagoon District” on the city’s east side. Created for Oniracom, April 2016. Appears on the district’s website here.