Brand Books & Style Guides
These are three of several general style guides I’ve created for brands who require standards and organization of their identity, often when collaborating with third parties like fellow organizations or vendors. The traditional brand book establishes identity guidelines for usage (logos, colors, typography, graphic elements) and also messaging guidelines (values, language, audience, etc.). The three examples are VSI’s Graphic Standards Manual (created for BBM&D, 2010), 3rdNut’s Brand Book, and Oniracom’s Style guide (both created for Oniracom, 2016).

AIGA Santa Barbara Event Promotion
The first large event that I helped produce for AIGA SB was a superstar discussion panel about album art, poster design, and illustration for music. As event coordinator, I took responsibility for many aspects of production, including identity creation and application. Since 3/4 of our panelists hailed from a countercultural bent, I chose to create event promotion identity based on classic ’60s and ’70s rock festivals—and then applied that to digital graphics, save-the-date flyers, and album-sized posters. Designed for AIGA Santa Barbara, November 2014.

Clean Water Tour App Design
I don’t build apps, but I occasionally design them. In this case, I created an expanded visual identity for the Clean Water Tour based on their existing logo, and applied it across multiple media: print collateral, trade show booth promotion, and a website—all to promote the tour and its accompanying app. Designed for Oniracom, March 2014, the app is sadly no longer available via Apple iOS or Google Android.