#TBT for today: a tiny post-it cartoon Keir by Jennie Jacobs, from the Philly AIGA Leadership Retreat way back in 2013, smack dab in the middle of my most pivotal year in this past decade.

I’d experienced similar momentous decade-defining years before, but 2013 was when I (at 36) belatedly learned how to take control of my professional life as a creative person after 10 years in design.

It was an uncomfortable, reactive, and frightening time for me—but thanks to patient and generous people (plus my first serious biking-for-exercise year) I could begin to chill out, to be deliberate and intentional.

Recently I thought about other major pivot points, noticed patterns, and guessed that I’m due for another pivot in 2022—but more on that later. I can justify only so much earnest self-absorption at any given time.

Anyway thanks to JJ for capturing both the pretty and the gritty: