(Note 7/2/21: the Tight Ship blog has been kaput since September 2020, but I’m slowly relinking most of the broken stuff. This one, however, may not make it!)

Against all odds, the Ship’s Log sputtered back to life at the end of the year…sort of. I’m only one man, Marge.

Bundle Offer! Get Tight Ship’s ‘Extras for Event Pros’” isn’t a “real” blog post I guess. It’s just a quick comp of Tight Ship’s best email-for-download goodies, on offer for a month. A big fat 80 MB bundle of BUSINESS!

From The Top: Tight Ship’s Annual Summit” – As a virtual partnership physically separated by ~2000 miles, Tight Ship needs face-to-face summits for the voyage to run smoothly. Each has been unique, and uniquely successful! I recapped all three Tight Ship Summits to date (2017-18-19): strategy sessions, industry conferences, speaking gigs, volunteer opportunities—or all of the above and then some. Here’s what that’s looked like, year by year.

Three Top Takeaways From FestForums 2019” – Navigated ye olde 101 commute for 3 days last month to attend FestForums in SB, which I managed to gain insights from *despite* playing hooky for lunch dates with old bandmates & AIGA pals!