Announcing the official release of my “Shipping” E.P., now on Bandcamp song by song, and soon streaming everywhere! I’m not a real musician, but sometimes I play one on the internet, and 2020 has been a good time to haul out the gear again.

These demos are my first new music since 2015, but I based two of them on unused tunes from 1999. I wrote the lyrics over the past five years, during which (among other things) my town caught on fire, my body endured a weird medical emergency, and my first business launched, sailed, and stalled.

I recorded all seven songs at home to keep creative during this stupid pandemic. I cycled the entire time to stay sane and healthy. I sampled my bike, the wind, the ocean, and a few old recordings of friends, but I made most of the noise myself. Points of reference include Panda Bear, Sea and Cake, and Tortoise. Stream every song in full or buy them all on my Bandcamp page. Thanks for listening and may you all stay healthy and safe 🤘🏻