This piece is a free eBook I created in 2017 for Tight Ship, targeted at event planners, about designing maps for shindigs of all stripes. Obviously events aren’t the hottest ticket in 2020, but I’m still pretty proud of the basic insights inside.

Namely, event maps are tools for helping the overall event goal, which is for all attendees to have a great experience! All other considerations—accessibility, assets, organization, usage, style/imagery/type—should serve that goal.

The eBook was traded for email addresses as the call-to-action coda of my blog post “Maps Matter! Don’t Overlook This Crucial Event Design Element,” 8 event map design principles for event planners to make or commission beautiful, informative maps.

Not much in there is Actual Cartography, but all of it will still be valid when we finally get to the other side of this damnable pandemic and gather together in public again!