When AIGA LAer Amy Nadeen Wilson, inspired by this project, challenged me to a sketch-a-thon, I was sure I’d get my ass handed to me. We both tried to fill a full 40-page sketchbook in 2 and a half hours, posting the results on Instagram and Facebook.

Since it was public, I also assumed everyone would enjoy the public beatdown (and they did), but while I limped over the finish line around 10:30pm, Amy kept going because she rocks like that. My results were, in order:

1 Winter Eats America
2 Casper in Space
3 Hot Wax and Loud Plastic
4 Election Year
5 Project Creep
6 Jackie and Liv
7 Stuck in a Van on Oahu, 2002
8 The Old Neighborhood 1976-96

So yes, I singularly failed to fill an entire 40-page sketch book in 2.5 hours. Made it to 16 pages of mostly doodly Sharpie-graffiti, in what was definitely a speed-over-quality, no-editing-allowed effort.