AIGA Los Angeles asked me to take part in their 3/31 Town Hall meeting and I was stoked to be there. Hadn’t seen most of my AIGA LA buddies since last summer (and some not since the Denver leadership retreat in 2014).

The venue was the amazing Tom Bradley Room at LA City Hall. It turned out to be basically the observation deck, on the 27th floor! I did eventually get outside, but the acrophobia took over pretty quick and I bailed.

The debates themselves went by fast, or at least mine (Design vs. The Internet) did. The other two were Virtual Reality vs IRL and Photos vs Illustrations. I was up on stage with Mason Curry, a design writer from Core77, and we basically agreed on everything.

The debates alternated with presentations from board members: Paul Mendoza did a fun intro video of rapid-fire questions on-camera for the LA board (Helvetica or Gotham? Apple or Google? Coffee or Tea?), Amanda Hovest did one about LA membership and LA prez Jason Adam did a state-of-the-chapter thing that was really impressive. Thesis: “LA is the best city in the world for design right now.”

Oh and I also got to plug SB’s events this month; Paul did a Q&A and I sneaked in there with “how many of you are non-members” segueing into a “all members can attend any event for any chapter” kinda thing. I don’t know how many will make the drive but it was worth a shot.

Anyway, all-around great time. Lots of fun & totally worth the traffic.