The History Mix #11: Rushing The Miracle Man


It took almost 20 years, but I finally barfed out a solo release: the ambient, bass-heavy Rotten Miracles E.P. (2015). Good designers will tell you that they don’t make art; they solve problems. They will think creatively and often apply artistic principles, but their goal isn’t artistic self-expression. Many artists don’t last long in design,

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The History Mix #10: Don’t Call It A Comeback


When the Mojo Wire reunited as Radblaster, and when Honey White reconvened too, we recorded it all for the Corridan and Hecho En Naranjastan EPs (both released 2011). These days, band reunions seem to be clichés wrapped in cash-grabs sprinkled with nostalgia and the slight stink of desperation. So many have happened in the past

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The History Mix #9: The Soundtrack Of Your Life


How many wannabe authors write pseudonymous soundtracks for their mediocre self-published novels? I’m guessing just me, for The Weapon of Young Gods by Low Tide (2008). I don’t live in the moment. I’ve never understood phrases like “stuck in the past” or “nostalgia is death.” I love history, and I’m fascinated by patterns and parallels

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HFITF X: “How Far is the Fall” Turns 10


All this week and next at the “HFITF X” series, focusing on the 10th anniversary of “How Far is the Fall,” Honey White’s only full-length studio album and one of my favorite creative experiences. Today is “best song on the album” day, where all 4 of us unanimously choose track 5, “Blacking Out.”

The Mojo Wire, “Seaside Hamlet Skids XV”


This coming April 20, my first band’s third “album” turns 15 years old. It’s not a big deal to anyone except us, and me in particular I think, because despite its ramshackle quality, this recording still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s endearingly low-fi. I wrote more about it much better several

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My Glorious Island of Noise in a Shallow Sea of Stupid


Nothing worth blogging about lately, except for my new (or rather new-ish) band. Behold, we can write and play a song with only one chord: Lluvia de Jalisco by Radblaster One day a new site will be built for that band, but today is not that day. However, my great band from last decade is

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Slow Food on a Hot Stove: New Honey White Songs & More

(Cross-posted from the My Band Rocks blog…) …and when I say “New” I mean “after 2005,” or something like that. Also, many more new Adam songs than represented here in these quick snippets of 12 new (sort of) demo songs from 2006-2010. Some are future Honey White songs, some are not. Some are so new

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Eight Fables About Action, Inaction, and Distraction


If I’m part of a problem, but not part of the problem, then it’s not really your problem. —Keir DuBois For many years now, I’ve forgotten my dreams—if I ever remember at all. Reality wants my attention more often, so I always come when she calls, and I’m getting used to the pull of routine

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Be Careful Not to Touch the Wall


Yeah Bobby, cause there’s a brand-new coat of paint going on over at ye olde My Band Rocks Dot Com. Mira: The Honey White version of the site has actually looked like this for most of 2009, but I figured it was high time to re-vamp the rest of the bands’ pages over there and

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>Unprofessional Noise Never Sounded So Good

>Regular readers of this blog (yes, all three of you) know that this summer I engaged in a spastic fit of shameless revisionism, stretching it out over three months and eleven egomaniacally self-analytical posts concerning my decade-plus of writing. Well, what you may not know is that I did the same thing in 2007, but

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