“You’re from Orange County. Why are you a Cubs fan?”


It’s a reasonable question. Well, in 1984 when I was a 7-year-old little leaguer, the Angels were bad, the Dodgers were the team for almost everyone else I knew, and the Padres were my best friend’s team. So when cable blessed us with baseball from the exotic lands of Atlanta and Chicago, I chose the Cubs

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Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2016


For stadium #15 on the DuBois Baseball Tour, Em and I played tourist in Minneapolis for a few days, including two games of Twins vs Braves on 7/26 and 7/27 (with a thunderstorm in between). Our curse on the home team apparently continues, since Minnesota lost both games, but the tour itself is now halfway

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Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2015


For stadium #14 on the tour I returned to Denver with Em in tow and it was a blast, especially the part sandwiched between two Red Rocks concerts (Avett Brothers and Wilco): a stop at Coors Field to see the last-place Rockies sweep Atlanta, 11-3.

Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2013-2014*

Major updates to the DuBois Baseball Tour: we hit 4 stadiums recently: 1 in 2013 and 3 this year: #10. Phillies beat Boston on back to back homers from Ryan Howard and rookie Domonic Brown. We were in town for the AIGA Leadership retreat. #11. Finally made it down the yellow brick road to Wrigley

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Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2004-2012

The 2012 baseball season is almost over—the playoffs will start in a few weeks—so I thought I’d mark that with the stadiums that Em and I have been to since we decided to visit them all. So far, it’s only been 9 of 30…but progress is progress, as any Padre fan knows. Anyway: #1. Photo

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I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe


I think I need to leave this line of work. I’ve been telling myself that for years, but have never really had the stones to go through with it. This time, though, I think it’s for real. This time, the stress is just ridiculously unbearable. I mean, the past few weeks have been nothing short

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More Meaningless Presidential-Baseball Voodoo


So…the other night, I beat George Will with a baseball bat, and was rewarded for it. Yes, I have problems, but for once, that doesn’t matter, because this diary isn’t about me. Really. See, BooMan caught Craig Shirley handicapping the World Series, but I’d thought of this last night, too (and like an idiot, let

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Death to East Coast Baseball Snobbery


I’ve mentioned this before, but my violent prejudice against East Coast baseball teams truly knows no bounds. The sniffling arrogance that gushes westward from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia (and even Baltimore, when they’re feeling all Earl Weaver-uppity) is one of the most toxic substances ever created by man, and it’s something I will oppose

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>Summer of Baseball 2008

>Continuing the quest to visit every one of the 30 major league baseball stadiums, we cruised first to San Diego and then to the Bay Area. We have of course been to see the Dodgers, Angels, and Padres countless times, and it was nice to get all the California teams covered. Warning: Oceanariesque, photo-filled post

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>Why Have the Cubs Sucked So Much for So Long?*

>* As of today, the Cubbies have a first-place record of 48-29, so no, they’re decidenly not sucking now, per se. For the majority of their postwar history, though, they’ve stunk. The illustrious Rob McMillin of the always-insightful 6-4-2 thinks he knows the reason, after concurrent readings of two books by Glenn Stout on both

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