Hi, I’m Keir. 

I’m a designer by trade and writer by training from Southern California. I was born and raised in Orange County, educated in Santa Barbara, and am currently based in Ventura.

I create event branding, publication layouts, music artwork, and map illustrations. In 2020 I’ll be wide open & available for freelance remote graphic design work (especially maps!), as well as coaching and speaking for emerging creative professionals.

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These days my life revolves around five interests: design, music, maps, bikes, and baseball:


From 2017 to 2020 the co-owner of Tight Ship Design, wrangling creative projects for print and pixel—mostly event branding and publication design—to help my clients keep a stylish, organized identity and clear, consistent message. My co-captain Julia and I marked our milestones via portfolio, blog, and podcast.

Before launching my own business, I held multiple design and strategic roles for 12 years at the Southern California creative firms BBM&D and Oniracom, and for 7 years I volunteered as a leader of my local AIGA chapter.


I’m not a rock star but I play one on the Internet. For about 20 years I was an amateur bassist/lyricist in bands you’ve never heard of—most notably Honey White—and I broke into design based on the posters, album covers, and websites I created for those bands. 

While at UCSB in the late ’90s, I also wrote about music for the Daily Nexus and Santa Barbara Independent. I still make music these days under my own name, including a soundtrack for my self-published weird pulp novel.


I’ve loved maps for as long as I can remember. Street maps, fictional maps, art-project maps—you name it, I love it. I love the stories about geography, geology, people, places, history, and culture that maps evoke. I even have a map-related trivial superpower.

I love to create maps and write about maps. I love the challenge of expressing a place in a scaled-down, surreal way—and thankfully as a designer I get to create custom map designs for profit and pleasure, which is never gonna get old.


I’ve always loved biking, too—for me, it’s the best way to learn the geography of a place. I bike for exercise, mostly in town but also around Southern California—and for the past 6 years I’ve documented that with (surprise, surprise) design and maps!


My wife Emily and I are baseball fans, and though we mainly follow the Padres via radio, we love the game overall, and like to keep up with several other teams too. Our long-term travel goal is to visit all 30 major league stadiums, and we’ve slowly made our way to half of them in the past 15 years. We’re gearing up to tackle the rest soon!

I’m elsewhere on the internet too: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bandcamp/Spotify/Apple, Medium, and many other places too. You’re welcome to contact me via email:

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