International Women’s Day

I owe my career to women. I wouldn’t be a designer without the support of and amplification by women for 15+ years. Indeed I won’t continue to be a designer tomorrow without the support of & collaboration with women.

Parity may seem closer in professional creativity, but like the rest of everywhere, the gender pay gap is still outrageous, and the emotional labor gap is still shameful–even in the best situations. I’m no slouch, but every professional creative woman I know works harder than I do. Every professional woman I know works harder than I do. Every woman I know works harder than I do.

Guys, it’s a moral obligation to advocate for gender equality on personal and professional levels, and not just because you might get an emotional cookie for saying so from the women in your life on random days like today. Do more than say thanks. Really live it. I know I haven’t done that enough, and I actually believe in it, so I have lots of work to do, because it’s never over. A woman told me that, so it’s probably true.

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