International Women’s Day


I owe my career to women. I wouldn’t be a designer without the support of and amplification by women for 15+ years. Indeed I won’t continue to be a designer tomorrow without the support of & collaboration with women. Parity may seem closer in professional creativity, but like the rest of everywhere, the gender pay

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It was Foolish of You to Come Here Tonight, Tom


The inherently stupid hubris that afflicts all powerful people is truly an awesome thing to behold—especially once it begins to make their brains dissolve into warm muck, forcing them to flap their arms in panic and whimper like eunuchs on national television. We all got another good look at that phenomenon this week, of course,

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The Insurgent Power Plays of Electrified Youth


So I was flying through Seacliff at about eighty miles an hour when the universe suddenly and spectacularly decided to align in my favor. An unseasonably glorious sun shone down on the 101 freeway, and as I threaded the California coastline’s spine on my way north to Santa Barbara, I felt the soft and deadly

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The Invasion is Immoral and Will Not Stand


Look, I’ve been as patient as the next guy when it comes to enduring the continual vile spew of this useless back-and-forth “debate” over who started what and who’s at fault and all the other bullshit associated with an illegal and immoral invasion. The facts are clear, and anyone who doesn’t know the history really

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Ringing the Mighty Cowbell of Rageohol


Good goddamn, these new-presidency-birth-pangs sure are pretty fucking loud, aren’t they? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought I was finished for the year—it’s way, way, way past my politically-psychic bedtime—and I’ve been looking for a nice quiet place to lie down ever since Election Day, but no, the infant Obama

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Shameless Revisionism: Soapblox Rants #3 (2008)


As promised earlier this week, the continuation of my Shameless Revisionism series, this time dedicated to more ridiculous spew from Election ’08. There’s a lot to cover, so for better descriptions of the five W’s involved, check out my previous Soapblox Rant revisionism here and here. Okay, let’s get to it then—click on an essay

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Shameless Revisionism: Election Rants, 2004 Edition


Oh, so you thought that Shameless Revisionism was gone forever, didn’t you? Well…so did I, but the final months of 2008 proved extremely fertile in the Gonzo Political Rant department, so those would have to be anthologized eventually, right? However, that day is not today (though it will be soon). No, today we delve back

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Projection Now, Projection Tomorrow, Projection Forever


Changeovers can be brutally destructive things. Many re-inventions happen in the wild and chaotic aftermath of massive, revolutionary change, but many more take place during the subtler transitions. Inevitably, though, naked avarice, cognitive dissonance and crude denial reign supreme. The winners scramble for as many spoils they can get, and the fleeing losers become scattered

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Fun with Maps: Presidential Elections I Have Known


Or rather, “Fun With Maps, Part MCXXXVIII.” That’s yesterday’s result, more or less—Missouri and North Carolina are still too close to call, but I thought I’d color them the way they were leaning (MO-McCain, NC-Obama). A few anomalies: Indiana has not voted Democrat since 1964, and I think it’s been just as long for Virginia.

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Everything Was Fine Until I Looked Down


Yeah, and I saw that crazy Great White Bastard coming at me, bringing ten tons of total terror with him—and I was okay with it. See, despite my relatively young age, I have a long history of tightrope-walking, water-skiing, and chum-trawling over various toothy monsters in the sorry seas of American politics. I have now

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