The History Mix #11: Rushing The Miracle Man


It took almost 20 years, but I finally barfed out a solo release: the ambient, bass-heavy Rotten Miracles E.P. (2015). Good designers will tell you that they don’t make art; they solve problems. They will think creatively and often apply artistic principles, but their goal isn’t artistic self-expression. Many artists don’t last long in design,

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The History Mix #10: Don’t Call It A Comeback


When the Mojo Wire reunited as Radblaster, and when Honey White reconvened too, we recorded it all for the Corridan and Hecho En Naranjastan EPs (both released 2011). These days, band reunions seem to be clichés wrapped in cash-grabs sprinkled with nostalgia and the slight stink of desperation. So many have happened in the past

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The History Mix #9: The Soundtrack Of Your Life


How many wannabe authors write pseudonymous soundtracks for their mediocre self-published novels? I’m guessing just me, for The Weapon of Young Gods by Low Tide (2008). I don’t live in the moment. I’ve never understood phrases like “stuck in the past” or “nostalgia is death.” I love history, and I’m fascinated by patterns and parallels

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The History Mix #8: Few And Far Between


A sparse pool of Honey White gigs spawns two more self-produced live albums, Saturated Songs and Deluge and Drought. Moody studio rock epics usually don’t go over well live, at least not without a killer stage presentation and plenty of smoke, mirrors, and playback. Forcing a live show to duplicate a band running amok in

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The History Mix #7: Performance Enhancement


Honey White displays a rapidly expanding sonic presence on back-to-back live albums: Live and Unprofessional and Epic Noise Now! Anyone in a band will tell you that deep down, they don’t feel like they’re truly in a band if they don’t play live. They might loathe the logistics of booking, travel, payment, and all the other crap

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The History Mix #6: Twelve-Bar Ruse


The Mojo Wire built our debut album Battery Acid Blues with two of rock’s primary colors: blues and surf. First albums are special. First albums by first bands are exponentially much more so. People can be a bit weird about their first band—I definitely have been and will be again—and I think first recordings are

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The History Mix #5: Instant Gratification


Honey White kick-starts our alleged career with ease on the multifaceted My Band Rocks E.P. Demo discs are strange animals. They’re tangled up with unwritten rules about recording skill, song sequence, palatable hooks, smart (but not too smart) lyrics, professional composition, and a million other subjective attributes. Demos without those things will allegedly never, ever

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The History Mix #4: Feeling Gravity’s Pull


Honey White’s debut full-length album How Far is the Fall, aka “Welcome to the rest of your life. Do not pass Go and do not quit your day job.” Some people are fearless in the face of the unknown. Some people long to test themselves against the most sublime experiences life throws at them. Some

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The History Mix #3: Things Fall Apart


Every band has a document of their dissolution. For the Mojo Wire, that document is You’re On Your Own. When rock bands destroy themselves on record, it’s usually a group effort. The Beatles bickered like babies on Let it Be, the Eagles slouched into the sunset on The Long Run, and the Police drove each

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The History Mix #2: No Lifeguard On Duty


Washed up and dried out, the Mojo Wire goes acoustic on Seaside Hamlet Skids and flirts with escapism, which doesn’t flirt back. “Trouble in Paradise” is one of the oldest and most superficial clichés in the history of popular songwriting. Exposing the nasty, poisonous underbelly of some idyllic Shangri-La is thematic gold, and every songwriter

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