After Five Years, Vanity Finally Trumps Sloth


Yep, finally gonna self-publish ye olde novel. That’s a crop from the CreateSpace e-store, and it’s also on Kindle. In a week or two it’ll be on Amazon as a paperback. If by some miracle you can’t wait, a free PDF version comes with every purchase of the book’s soundtrack album I released back in

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Part II of “…I Was in a Band Once Called…”


Sequel to the original dumb band names post from a few months ago. The latest cringeworthy ideas: “I was in a band once called Graduation Caribou. Our big hit was ‘Horny Matriculator.’” (to Brett Cipperly) “I was in a band once called Splenda Yoga Mom. Our big hit was ‘Got MILF?’” (to Mike Monteiro) “I was

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Serious Answers to Serious Questions, Part LMCXXVIII


Answered a Very Serious Question today, posed by Martin Longman (the one and only BooMan): “What was the best summer of your life so far, and what did you do?” Probably 1997. I was 20 and halfway through UCSB and had just spent the previous spring quarter stoned and depressed after a bad breakup (and

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“…I Was in a Band Once Called…”


Long-overdue big dumb band names post, but that’s what y’all get on a Friday night when I’m a bit too fried. I have this thing that I do when someone says a word or phrase that would be a great band name: “Hey, I was in a band once called [great word or phrase]. Our

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