Photos of Other People and My Book

My “practice novel” The Weapon of Young Gods is just about a year old (self-published July 2, 2012), so here’s some Instagram pics by the irrepressible Jennie Jacobs that inflated my ego at the time: 1) Joya Thomas, clearly anticipating an epic read, at the Cliff House Inn, Ventura, and 2) Kyle Phillips, obviously profoundly

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Honey White Live Album Reissue Cover Mockups

They say “never design with black,” but I say “it’s Friday night after a long week, and this is still America, damn it.” But yeah, if I could do the Honey White live album cover designs all over again, I’d probably go a lot simpler, with less freaky Photoshop filter silliness. Live and learn, I

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“Christmas 1994”


First and last attempt to write a Christmas song lyric. Definitely a limited audience for this little toss-off. I also remember getting my hand crushed by Alexis Bonnell’s boyfriend, but maybe that was a different night.

Part III of “…I Was in a Band Once Called…”


Threequel to the original dumb band names post and its sequel from a few months ago. Not sure how old some of these are, so I think we’ll call this the “Special (Mostly) Election 2012 Edition.” Duck and cover: “I was in a band once called Eeyores Of The Left. Our big hit song was

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Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2004-2012

The 2012 baseball season is almost over—the playoffs will start in a few weeks—so I thought I’d mark that with the stadiums that Em and I have been to since we decided to visit them all. So far, it’s only been 9 of 30…but progress is progress, as any Padre fan knows. Anyway: #1. Photo

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I’ve Always Wanted to Say This


I’ve always wanted to say this, and now I finally can: “Buy my book!” “The Weapon of Young Gods” on Amazon Yes, just another cheap, self-aggrandizing pile of vomit in the sea of vanity pressed-pulp, but this is MY pile of vomit, children, and that makes it so much better, right? But yeah, after five

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After Five Years, Vanity Finally Trumps Sloth


Yep, finally gonna self-publish ye olde novel. That’s a crop from the CreateSpace e-store, and it’s also on Kindle. In a week or two it’ll be on Amazon as a paperback. If by some miracle you can’t wait, a free PDF version comes with every purchase of the book’s soundtrack album I released back in

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Part II of “…I Was in a Band Once Called…”


Sequel to the original dumb band names post from a few months ago. The latest cringeworthy ideas: “I was in a band once called Graduation Caribou. Our big hit was ‘Horny Matriculator.’” (to Brett Cipperly) “I was in a band once called Splenda Yoga Mom. Our big hit was ‘Got MILF?’” (to Mike Monteiro) “I was

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