Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2013-2014*

Major updates to the DuBois Baseball Tour: we hit 4 stadiums recently: 1 in 2013 and 3 this year: #10. Phillies beat Boston on back to back homers from Ryan Howard and rookie Domonic Brown. We were in town for the AIGA Leadership retreat. #11. Finally made it down the yellow brick road to Wrigley

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Keir’s All-Star Spring Concert Series, 2014

Sequel to Keir’s Summer Yuppie Concert Series 2009: posting other people’s photos from the shows Em and I saw this spring: St. Vincent (Wiltern L.A., 3/27), The War On Drugs (Troubador L.A., 4/5), Neko Case (Orpheum L.A., 4/17), The National (S.B. Bowl, 4/26) and Elbow (Wiltern L.A., 5/28). More shows are coming up in the

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Design A Song #2: Cracker, “Big Dipper”


I have many favorite songs by David Lowery of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, but this one tops them all. It’s Lowery’s paean to the Santa Cruz of his young adulthood, and it first appeared on Cracker’s 1996 album The Golden Age.

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Designer

My voice is an octave lower from talking to everyone and my veins flow freely with the koolaid. Must be check-out day. Had a grand time in Denver for my 2nd AIGA Leadership Retreat. It’s settled: I’m in for life. Honor roll: Billy and Marika for driving down from Boulder to meet me for dinner,

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The Mojo Wire, “Seaside Hamlet Skids XV”


This coming April 20, my first band’s third “album” turns 15 years old. It’s not a big deal to anyone except us, and me in particular I think, because despite its ramshackle quality, this recording still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s endearingly low-fi. I wrote more about it much better several

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AIGA SB 2013 Recap


No big thing here, except to link over to the AIGA SB website where I did a recap of our chapter’s 2013 events and happenings during my second year on the board as Communications Director. It’s been a blast and should continue to be in 2014 too!

Suburban Bizarre, Part 1: Personal Pop Music History 1976-1995


So when I said I’d begin the “Suburban Bizarre” series “tomorrow” I apparently meant “over a month later,” but really, who cares? Obviously I’m less interested in writing about all this stuff ever since I actually finished the full image for “Personal Pop Music History,” but that’s only a detail from it above. See, I

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