HFITF X: “How Far is the Fall” Turns 10


All this week and next at mybandrocks.com: the “HFITF X” series, focusing on the 10th anniversary of “How Far is the Fall,” Honey White’s only full-length studio album and one of my favorite creative experiences. Today is “best song on the album” day, where all 4 of us unanimously choose track 5, “Blacking Out.”

“Doodles & Brews” with AIGA SB

Only finished two doodles and as many brews at tonight’s AIGA SB “Doodles & Brews” mixer, which means we have to do this again very soon. Two of the contest themes were “What’s in Your Cup?” (Messie Nessie, a Scottish stout) and “Clients from Hell” (“make it pop!”). Super fun event artwork by Jennie Jacobs, too.

Design a Song, March/April 2015

Slogging on… Week 41: a derivative slapdash mash for “Handshake Drugs,” my favorite one by Wilco (2004). If I can’t sit through the fake fake debates on House of Cards, I’ll never endure the real fake debates between Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 2016. No, I don’t think Jeff Tweedy wrote this about

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Warping SB with Ventucky, Pt. LMCXVIII

As the first Ventura-based AIGA SB president in many years, I consider it my moral duty to warp Santa Barbara with as much Ventucky as possible. Doing our 2015 Portfolio Day at Brooks’ Ventura campus is definitely a good start. The artwork above is my variation on the cool theme (a type treatment of our

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AIGA Santa Barbara Q1 Event Recaps

Just wrapped the third AIGA event of 2015 this past weekend, so I get a little breather before the next two in late April/early May. I’m gonna try and recap every event we do this year over at the AIGA SB site, and if I can do them all like these first few then it should

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Happy Monday, Times Square Edition


I’m told that some of my design work was up on the Times Square screens for about 15 seconds of fame today. Client is Curvature, a global IT company based in SB.

Design a Song, January/February 2015

The insanity continues into the new year: Week 33: “Three Days” by Jane’s Addiction (1990). Struggled with reinterpreting this one for a while before giving up and just letting it be the 11-minute bonkers overblown classic/epic love triangle/threesome death/rebirth monster that Perry Farrell apparently always meant it to be. Week 34: “Ana” by the Pixes

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Keir & Amy’s Sketch-A-Thon 2015

When AIGA LAer Amy Nadeen Wilson, inspired by this project, challenged me to a sketch-a-thon, I was sure I’d get my ass handed to me. We both tried to fill a full 40-page sketchbook in 2 and a half hours, posting the results on Instagram and Facebook. Since it was public, I also assumed everyone

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(Lack of) Progress Report: “Rotten Miracles” Solo EP


(Cross-posted from MyBandRocks.com) Yes that’s right, I’ve been cooking up some solo tunes for release on a solo demo EP. Uh, surprise? It’ll probably be digital-only, and I can’t promise it’ll be out this year, but I want to release it at some point. The problem is, it’s nowhere near ready. I mean, the most

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New Titles = New Cards


Title says it all. Or should I say titles say it all. This year and the next will either be gloriously awesome or back-breakingly stressful. I’m thinking it will be a healthy mix of both.