Design a Song, January/February 2015

The insanity continues into the new year: Week 33: “Three Days” by Jane’s Addiction (1990). Struggled with reinterpreting this one for a while before giving up and just letting it be the 11-minute bonkers overblown classic/epic love triangle/threesome death/rebirth monster that Perry Farrell apparently always meant it to be. Week 34: “Ana” by the Pixes

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Keir & Amy’s Sketch-A-Thon 2015

When AIGA LAer Amy Nadeen Wilson, inspired by this project, challenged me to a sketch-a-thon, I was sure I’d get my ass handed to me. We both tried to fill a full 40-page sketchbook in 2 and a half hours, posting the results on Instagram and Facebook. Since it was public, I also assumed everyone

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(Lack of) Progress Report: “Rotten Miracles” Solo EP


(Cross-posted from Yes that’s right, I’ve been cooking up some solo tunes for release on a solo demo EP. Uh, surprise? It’ll probably be digital-only, and I can’t promise it’ll be out this year, but I want to release it at some point. The problem is, it’s nowhere near ready. I mean, the most

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New Titles = New Cards


Title says it all. Or should I say titles say it all. This year and the next will either be gloriously awesome or back-breakingly stressful. I’m thinking it will be a healthy mix of both.

2014: The Year of Having Fun and Getting Shit Done


2014 was a pretty lousy year around the world. Lots of people had a rough time, to put it mildly, so I hope I’m not being totally tactless when I say that my year was, on balance, terrific and amazing. Indeed, if 2008 was, as I once described it, “the year of staring at screens and typing

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Design a Song, November/December 2014

Closing out the year with some slightly better, and slightly worse stuff: Week 25: A quickie this week, “The Devil You Know” by Jesus Jones (1993). Parent album “Perverse” was perceived as a techno-rock failure, but I bought it on the strength of this (great) song and liked it. As for Pac-Man, nostalgia may be

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Keir-By-Bike, 2014 Edition


Keir-by-bike will be cut short for the rest of this year, but despite that I still beat last year’s numbers by almost 100 miles: 43 rides for 591.44 total miles in 2014, an improvement of 7 rides & 98.92 miles over 2013 (36 rides for 492.52 miles). As before, motivation is less “health and fitness” (though

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Design a Song, Weeks 18-24

Latest “Design a Song” updates, where, if I may say so, the quality ticks up a little. Well, except for the Prince one, but I can’t always be a genius. Design a Song, week 18: “Down to the Waterline” by Dire Straits, a hazy piece of rueful nostalgia that led off their self-titled debut album

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Keir’s All-Star Concert Series 2014, Part II

Because this has been a killer year for concerts, the most I’ve ever been to in a 12-month period. Yes, there was this previous item with other people’s photos, but this time I’m gonna use some iPhone-4S-debased & low-res shots of my own, from these shows: Arcade Fire at the Santa Barbara Bowl, 8/4/14 Jack

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AIGA SB Presents “The Art of Music: Translating Sound to Sight”

art of musiic poster

Do you like music? Do you like design? Do you live within reasonable driving distance of downtown Santa Barbara on a weeknight? AIGA SB presents “The Art of Music: Translating Sound to Sight,” an engaging panel with the designers of some classic album covers and collectors of great gig posters! November 6: don’t miss it!

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