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AIGA Santa Barbara Spring/Summer Event Recaps

Catching up with my AIGA SB event recaps for spring, summer, and fall (so far): Doodles and Brews at Captain Fatty’s (4/20/15) Portfolio Day 2015 at Brooks Institute (5/2/15) AIGA Leadership Retreat in Grand Rapids, MI (5/28-30/15) Ben Jenkins: Live Slow, Make Fast (6/25/15) That’s not even counting our “Inside Out” mixer in July and

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Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2015


For stadium #14 on the tour I returned to Denver with Em in tow and it was a blast, especially the part sandwiched between two Red Rocks concerts (Avett Brothers and Wilco): a stop at Coors Field to see the last-place Rockies sweep Atlanta, 11-3.

New Design Time-Suck: The Ventura Flag Project


I think I’ve arrived at a new old-man-hobby: I’ve lived in Ventura for 11+ years, but in all that time (or ever, if my slapdash googling is accurate), the city has never had an official flag. Oh sure, there’s an official seal—but that’s not a flag, and anyway according to vexillologists seals shouldn’t be on

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Post-Mortem: Design a Song, a Truly Dubious Venture


When I originally started this “Design A Song” project in May 2014, the idea was to make it a weekly vehicle to keep my design gears moving by illustrating one of my favorite songs and/or lyrics. I felt like my design skills were atrophying as I took on more and more project management at BBM&D

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AIGA Leadership Retreat 2015


Home from the land of beer, rain, and well-designed furniture. The AIGA Leadership Retreat just gets better every year. These people are the best and I can’t wait for 2016. As before, I did a more substantial recap on the AIGA SB website here. TL;DR: Third time was definitely the charm.

U2 Live at the Forum, 5/26

What with zipping off to Michigan for AIGA the next day, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to soak in the first U2 show I’d attended in 10 years. Short review is: the band is kicking ass, the set and performance for my particular show (the first of five in Inglewood) was great for

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Design a Song, May 2015

At long last, the final four: Week 49: Yet another quickie, for Elliott Smith’s 1997 song “Say Yes,” but I couldn’t help myself in this case. Em had just discovered Elliott when we met 18 years ago, so you can guess how happy she was, as a longtime fan, to finally take her turn at

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AIGA Santa Barbara Portfolio Day 2015


My first student portfolio day review as AIGA SB president is in the books. I won’t lie, it was a big event, and I feel a lot like I used to after gigs with my bands 10-15 years ago—exhausted and ready to get drunk. More here on the AIGA SB site.