Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2015


For stadium #14 on the tour I returned to Denver with Em in tow and it was a blast, especially the part sandwiched between two Red Rocks concerts (Avett Brothers and Wilco): a stop at Coors Field to see the last-place Rockies sweep Atlanta, 11-3.

New Design Time-Suck: The Ventura Flag Project


I think I’ve arrived at a new old-man-hobby: I’ve lived in Ventura for 11+ years, but in all that time (or ever, if my slapdash googling is accurate), the city has never had an official flag. Oh sure, there’s an official seal—but that’s not a flag, and anyway according to vexillologists seals shouldn’t be on

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Post-Mortem: Design a Song, a Truly Dubious Venture


When I originally started this “Design A Song” project in May 2014, the idea was to make it a weekly vehicle to keep my design gears moving by illustrating one of my favorite songs and/or lyrics. I felt like my design skills were atrophying as I took on more and more project management at BBM&D

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AIGA Leadership Retreat 2015


Home from the land of beer, rain, and well-designed furniture. The AIGA Leadership Retreat just gets better every year. These people are the best and I can’t wait for 2016. As before, I did a more substantial recap on the AIGA SB website here. TL;DR: Third time was definitely the charm.

U2 Live at the Forum, 5/26

What with zipping off to Michigan for AIGA the next day, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to soak in the first U2 show I’d attended in 10 years. Short review is: the band is kicking ass, the set and performance for my particular show (the first of five in Inglewood) was great for

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Design a Song, May 2015

At long last, the final four: Week 49: Yet another quickie, for Elliott Smith’s 1997 song “Say Yes,” but I couldn’t help myself in this case. Em had just discovered Elliott when we met 18 years ago, so you can guess how happy she was, as a longtime fan, to finally take her turn at

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AIGA Santa Barbara Portfolio Day 2015


My first student portfolio day review as AIGA SB president is in the books. I won’t lie, it was a big event, and I feel a lot like I used to after gigs with my bands 10-15 years ago—exhausted and ready to get drunk. More here on the AIGA SB site.

HFITF X: “How Far is the Fall” Turns 10


All this week and next at the “HFITF X” series, focusing on the 10th anniversary of “How Far is the Fall,” Honey White’s only full-length studio album and one of my favorite creative experiences. Today is “best song on the album” day, where all 4 of us unanimously choose track 5, “Blacking Out.”

“Doodles & Brews” with AIGA SB

Only finished two doodles and as many brews at tonight’s AIGA SB “Doodles & Brews” mixer, which means we have to do this again very soon. Two of the contest themes were “What’s in Your Cup?” (Messie Nessie, a Scottish stout) and “Clients from Hell” (“make it pop!”). Super fun event artwork by Jennie Jacobs, too.