“Convert Like Crazy” Sneak Peek

Did a quick interview with dynamic NOLA duo Julia Sevin and Lianna Patch today, as a sneak preview for their “Convert Like Crazy!” presentation to AIGA SB on April 15. This one’s been cooking for several months now, and the fact that it’s back to back with Portfolio Day the next day should make for

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AIGA Santa Barbara Q1 2016 Event Recaps

Five events into 2016 for AIGA SB, and it’s only end-of-March. That went by fast: Silverander Communications Studio Tour (1/28/16) Designers Talk: Twitter Chat (2/10/16) Flip! 2016 Brand Workshop with Marty Neumeier (2/19/16) Verdin: The Emotional Side of a Rebrand (3/9/16) Whaddya Know? Design Quiz Night (3/21/16) It’s only gonna get faster too, with two

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The 50+2 Project


Latest fun thing to do: my 50+2 project, a new mixed-media art piece every week of 2016 for each state (plus PR & DC). I mean, I have a lot of paper samples to get rid of. Might as well do it in a creative way.

2015: Even More Fun and Getting It Done


As I predicted last year, 2015 was jam-packed with awesome. Once again, the world around me tore itself apart in chaos and stupidity, but thankfully very little of it affected me. I felt very lucky to enjoy time with family, old friends, new friends, travel, baseball, design, biking, music, and work: This year was the

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Keir-By-Bike, 2015 Edition


Simple one today, but it’s kind of a big deal. Most of my accomplishments these days are cumulative.

“They shifted the statues for harboring ghosts.”

When I was a freshman at UCSB 20 years ago I raided the local Morninglory Music for used CDs. Got R.E.M.’s first 3 albums cheap. Chronic Town, Murmur, & Reckoning have always been a subliminal soundtrack to one of the saddest stories I knew of that year. My roommate Rob and I weren’t close but

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AIGA Santa Barbara Fall 2015 Event Recaps

More AIGA SB event recaps! Members Meeting: What’s in Your Head? (9/23/15) Sarah Berger: Stand Out. Stand for Something. (10/15/15) Classic Letterpress Workshop (11/7/15) Also got to help out AIGA NOLA with a map for the Design Conference in October, included here.

Portfolio Presentation at SBCC


Yesterday I got to reprise my guest speaker gig in Jennie Jacobs’ Intro to Design class at Santa Barbara City College. This time I actually prepared, so it went much better than last year. I talked about my career, creative philosophy, and work—presenting some of my best stuff from over the past 12 years. I’m

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New Music! “Rotten Miracles” EP by Keir DuBois

(Cross-posted from MyBandRocks.com) Finally, after months and months of half-assedly cruel neglect and public broken promises, it’s here! My first solo release, a demo EP called “Rotten Miracles.” Listen to it right here (and buy on Bandcamp and soon, iTunes!): Rotten Miracles by Keir DuBois Twenty years into an expensive hobby called “music,” I’ve already

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DLTA+DTLA+WeHo+Traffic+AIGA = Worth It

Forgot to post back in July that I enjoyed two AIGA Los Angeles events within a week of each other: “Writing for Designers” at the Unique Space (with Irene Hoffman from AIGA SB) and “Music + Design” at the Downtown Independent. Re: the former, writing + design = two big chunks of Keir catnip. Re:

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