Baseball Stadiums I Have Known, 2016


For stadium #15 on the DuBois Baseball Tour, Em and I played tourist in Minneapolis for a few days, including two games of Twins vs Braves on 7/26 and 7/27 (with a thunderstorm in between). Our curse on the home team apparently continues, since Minnesota lost both games, but the tour itself is now halfway

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AIGA Leadership Retreat 2016


This month I traveled to North Carolina for the first time ever, to attend my 4th AIGA Leadership Retreat, this year in Raleigh. As always, I enjoyed it—and as always, I recapped it on the AIGA SB website. Five word review: Grand, but not Grand Rapids.

AIGA SB April Double-Header Weekend

Producing back-to-back AIGA design events this past weekend would have been impossible without tons of help. Convert Like Crazy and Portfolio Day 2016 went great and I have lots of you to thank, so may I present the AIGA SB April Double-Header Weekend Honor Roll: AIGA SB Volunteers: Jennie Jacobs, Nicki Gauthier, Gen Matsui, Cassi Lindberg,

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Design Debates with AIGA Los Angeles


AIGA Los Angeles asked me to take part in their 3/31 Town Hall meeting and I was stoked to be there. Hadn’t seen most of my AIGA LA buddies since last summer (and some not since the Denver leadership retreat in 2014). The venue was the amazing Tom Bradley Room at LA City Hall. It

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“Convert Like Crazy” Sneak Peek

Did a quick interview with dynamic NOLA duo Julia Sevin and Lianna Patch today, as a sneak preview for their “Convert Like Crazy!” presentation to AIGA SB on April 15. This one’s been cooking for several months now, and the fact that it’s back to back with Portfolio Day the next day should make for

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AIGA Santa Barbara Q1 2016 Event Recaps

Five events into 2016 for AIGA SB, and it’s only end-of-March. That went by fast: Silverander Communications Studio Tour (1/28/16) Designers Talk: Twitter Chat (2/10/16) Flip! 2016 Brand Workshop with Marty Neumeier (2/19/16) Verdin: The Emotional Side of a Rebrand (3/9/16) Whaddya Know? Design Quiz Night (3/21/16) It’s only gonna get faster too, with two

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The 50+2 Project


Latest fun thing to do: my 50+2 project, a new mixed-media art piece every week of 2016 for each state (plus PR & DC). I mean, I have a lot of paper samples to get rid of. Might as well do it in a creative way.

2015: Even More Fun and Getting It Done


As I predicted last year, 2015 was jam-packed with awesome. Once again, the world around me tore itself apart in chaos and stupidity, but thankfully very little of it affected me. I felt very lucky to enjoy time with family, old friends, new friends, travel, baseball, design, biking, music, and work: This year was the

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Keir-By-Bike, 2015 Edition


Simple one today, but it’s kind of a big deal. Most of my accomplishments these days are cumulative.

“They shifted the statues for harboring ghosts.”

When I was a freshman at UCSB 20 years ago I raided the local Morninglory Music for used CDs. Got R.E.M.’s first 3 albums cheap. Chronic Town, Murmur, & Reckoning have always been a subliminal soundtrack to one of the saddest stories I knew of that year. My roommate Rob and I weren’t close but

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