30 Songs #15 – The Lightning Rod: From Alpha to Omega with a Boss DD3


Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “like a boss,” doesn’t it? One of the most important artistic lessons I’ve learned is that, for creative people, there’s a big difference between a “favorite” work and a “best” work. Favorites are sentimental, subjective, and transitory. Bests are obvious, objective, and permanent. Any creative person will

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30 Songs #14 – Island Fever: Epic Minimalism and Other Contradictions


Trouble in Paradise, Part MCLXVIII. For some reason, one of the most difficult things for me to do as a lyricist is throw the blueprint away. I can do it in almost every other creative project—abandoning something that’s not working is not only practical, it’s necessary—but like other overwrought, self-absorbed people, I’ve had all kinds

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30 Songs #12 – Sweet Oblivion: Enhanced by Extended Epic Endings


Honey White onstage at the Wildcat, Santa Barbara 4/26/04 Honey White’s “Sweet Oblivion” is a simple idea masquerading as an epic song. It was one of several transformative pieces for us back in 2003/2004, when we finally and truly gelled as a band. We also took everything that Honey White had been and blew it

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Updated in 2016: I’m a writer by training and a designer/developer by accident. I joined the professional creative carousel circa 2002 when it slowed down enough for me to jump on. Currently I’m a senior designer at Oniracom and the president of AIGA Santa Barbara. I’ve wrangled design projects for print and pixel, written creative copy, and worked with brilliant

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Love as Radiation and Other Sloppy Metaphors


Well, here we are ten months down the greasy pole of 2011, looking into a rotten Fall. High time for some comfort food, right? Track 10 in my deathly nostalgic 20 years of “Achtung Baby” series is “Ultraviolet,” a show-stopper from both ZooTV (1992/3)… …and U2/360 (2009-11)… I wrote some other stuff about it here…

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