Recent Road Trip Radio, Pt. 1


I get caught up in all kinds of goofy graphic design dead-ends. Might as well go public with ’em. This project is something I thought of based on last week’s post about my favorite albums of 2011. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a piece of music fit so perfectly with a location. I imagine

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Eleven for ‘Eleven (Plus One)


Quickie little post with a drop in the flood of year-end “best-of” lists that will soon be deluging all of us. I don’t do “best-of” lists anymore—they’re silly and divisive—so I’ll just list my favorite albums that were released this year. Most of these may not end up on every “Best of 2011” list but

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Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down


Okay, here’s Track 11 of 12 in my goofy series from the big shebang and money-pit, U2’s re-released Achtung Baby album. It’s a great song, with a gut-slashing blister of a chorus (see the post title above). It’s good advice: I guess we can make this a real post with a quickie bullet-review of U2’s

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30 Songs #18 – Sunset Down: Egyptian Rivers and Other Psychoses


Yes, it’s a stupid pun. No, I don’t care. Denial is a powerful emotion, and I’d guess that it fuels about 80-90% of pop song lyrics out there. So many lyrics seem to be about denying reality in favor of something better, or something (mis)remembered, or something idealized, or any number of unrealistic expectations or

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