New Orleans 2017

Visited New Orleans for the first time this past week, to both explore the city and represent the newly-launched Tight Ship with my co-captain Julia Sevin at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. The trip began abysmally thanks to three delayed UA flights, but that was the only glitch, since once I got to there Julia became

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Big News: Tight Ship Design Launches!


BIG NEWS: Hey everybody, I’m now co-owner of a business! Thrilled to announce the launch of Tight Ship Design, a creative partnership with the brilliant and talented Julia Sevin! Read the full announcement on our Ship’s Log here. Tight Ship creates compelling branded identity for events and conferences, to help attendees have a great experience

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International Women’s Day


I owe my career to women. I wouldn’t be a designer without the support of and amplification by women for 15+ years. Indeed I won’t continue to be a designer tomorrow without the support of & collaboration with women. Parity may seem closer in professional creativity, but like the rest of everywhere, the gender pay

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Flip! 2017 Brand Workshop Recap


From the AIGA Santa Barbara website: some thoughts on my attendee experience at last week’s AIGA Santa Barbara’s third annual FLIP! workshop with Marty Neumeier.

16 Things that Didn’t Suck in 2016


Since so much has been awful about this year, the least I can do when recapping it is not indulge in the “things sucked overall, but my life was great!” approach that I did for 2015 and 2014. So I’ll just say that for me, the following items were fulfilling and/or fun in personal and/or professional ways this

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50+2 Project Wall Art


My 2016 social media “50+2” project wrapped up this weekend, and y’all better believe I’ll be milking it for all it’s worth. For now, I’m gonna start with some basic wall art print-on-demand goodies from Redbubble, but individual state prints of the best ones might be coming in 2017. Stay tuned. Original project description:  As a

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AIGA Santa Barbara Q3-4 2016 Event Recaps

Spastic end to a huge year: a hit film screening, highest-attended SLO event, surprise conference for me in Vegas, a pub quiz that got eaten by the World Series, a canceled illustration event, and a wrap-up at the SB Maritime Museum. “Design Disruptors” Film Screening (9/29/16) Cultivating a Creative Culture (10/6/16) AIGA Design Conference (10/17-19/2016)

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The History Mix #11: Rushing The Miracle Man


It took almost 20 years, but I finally barfed out a solo release: the ambient, bass-heavy Rotten Miracles E.P. (2015). Good designers will tell you that they don’t make art; they solve problems. They will think creatively and often apply artistic principles, but their goal isn’t artistic self-expression. Many artists don’t last long in design,

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“You’re from Orange County. Why are you a Cubs fan?”


It’s a reasonable question. Well, in 1984 when I was a 7-year-old little leaguer, the Angels were bad, the Dodgers were the team for almost everyone else I knew, and the Padres were my best friend’s team. So when cable blessed us with baseball from the exotic lands of Atlanta and Chicago, I chose the Cubs

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The History Mix #10: Don’t Call It A Comeback


When the Mojo Wire reunited as Radblaster, and when Honey White reconvened too, we recorded it all for the Corridan and Hecho En Naranjastan EPs (both released 2011). These days, band reunions seem to be clichés wrapped in cash-grabs sprinkled with nostalgia and the slight stink of desperation. So many have happened in the past

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