2014: The Year of Having Fun and Getting Shit Done

2014 was a pretty lousy year around the world. Lots of people had a rough time, to put it mildly, so I hope I’m not being totally tactless when I say that my year was, on balance, terrific and amazing. Indeed, if 2008 was, as I once described it, “the year of staring at screens and typing furiously,” 2014 was “the year of having fun and getting shit done.” For behold:

On top of that, I also:

  • got to warp some young creative minds at SBCC and Cal Poly SLO thanks to Jennie Jacobs and AIGA.
  • bought way too much vinyl, but if that’s the worst that my (assuredly) upcoming midlife crisis gets, then I’ll be fine.
  • served on a trial jury and was reminded that our justice system is unfairly out of balance and kind of insane.
  • went to two late-summer/early-fall weddings and had a grand time at both.

I feel like I rediscovered my illustration mojo this year too; between the middling (but regular) “Design a Song” series, AIGA SB event and promotional designs, Oniracom promo items, and (my personal favorite) a minimalist visual response to the awful shooting in Isla Vista, I clawed my way back from the truncated (and programming-filled) latter half of 2013. I also got to design an app for the first time and help develop some great stuff at Oniracom.

I feel lucky to have 1) a spouse who loves to do almost all of these things with me, and 2) an employer who often aids, abets, and encourages my behavior—because next year looks like it will be just as much, if not more, intense:

Among other things, I take over the AIGA SB presidency on January 1, I plan on returning to Denver for the Baseball Tour (and some live Avett Bros.), and for the first time in 10 years I have tickets for a U2 show—but as long as I don’t end 2015 with somewhat inconvenient minor surgery, it will be a step up from this year.

Which was, I say again, pretty terrific and amazing.

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